Intimate Weddings 2019

Furtho Manor Farm

                             When people think of weddings, often their first thought 

                              is a day with loads of guests - but to some people, the                                

                              fear of others looking at them all day is enough to put 

                              them off for another year.

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So, we have decided to host a few small mid-week weddings a year, for those who would prefer a quieter celebration. This can be anything from just the couple coming to get married at any time of year with us being the witnesses or anything up to fifty guests for ceremonies in the summer.  You can use the gazebo or barn.

We had our first small wedding mid-week wedding in September this year. Abi & Spencer got married on Tuesday 17th September, with thirty guests. When they came to view Furtho, their plan was just to get married here, and move on elsewhere for a reception; but whilst making their plans, they decided to stay on here at Furtho until 7pm, and to have a small reception in the barn.

The couple arrived in the morning to put a few of their own touches to the barn and gazebo, and then Abi went home to Buckingham to get ready.

It was a lovely summer day, so they got married down by the lake on the gazebo, which we put in last year.




A few tables and chairs had been hired from McGees UK for the barn, and these were used after the ceremony for food and dancing.

They had found a couple who are a photographer and singer duo, which worked really well.


Here's what they had to say about the day:

1.      Why did you choose to have a small wedding?

We chose to have a small wedding because neither of us like to be the centre of attention. We were after something laid back, and that our young children could be a part of, and enjoy the day too. We also didn't want to have any issues with inviting some guests, and not inviting others. Keeping it to immediate family and friends, we found people very understanding. We were also on a budget, and a smaller wedding meant we could have the key things we wanted.

2.      What made you choose Furtho Manor Farm for your wedding?

When we first drove down the drive, we fell in love with the setting. We both always loved the idea of getting married outside, and the lake and gazebo is such a beautiful place to say "I do". We also loved that we could DIY with decorations and props. 


3.      Where did you get your dress?

My dress was from ASOS! After visiting a few bridal shops and not finding anything that felt like me, I ordered my dress after watching a YouTube video of a woman trying on different dresses from ASOS. It arrived the next day and I just knew it was right. 


4.      Did you have food?

Yes, we ordered party food from M&S and set it out buffet style. This seemed to go down well with guests and was a budget option. 


5.      Who did you have for music & photography?

David and Kimberly were our photography and singer duo! They were perfect, they stayed far longer than expected, they were fantastic with all the children. We adore the photos and David's singing was just perfect. All of our guests were in awe of him.



6.      Is there anything you would change about your day?

As expected, things did go wrong on our day, small things like the girls' hair falling out of their plaits, and the arrival car being too OTT. But we honestly had the most fantastic day - these things didn't seem to matter and we both had smiles on our faces all day long. 

Thank you for helping us have a truly perfect day.


So that gives you a feel of one couple's small wedding at Furtho.


Another couple last year who were having a blessing on the Saturday in Furtho Church decided to get married on the gazebo on the Wednesday before. Again they got married on the gazebo stayed for a few photos and drinks, then they headed off to the for some food.


When we first came up with the idea of the intimate mid-week wedding we were thinking of couples just getting married at Furtho, and then heading off. If you were wanting to just get married and then go somewhere local for a meal two of my suggestions would be the or - you can hire a private function room in both.


From the bookings we now have coming through for Tuesdays next year, couples are also keen to have just a small party here as well as their ceremony. So, we are open to ideas of what couples want to create and do. If you would like more information or to discuss your ideas, please email