Wedding Couple Photos

Furtho Manor Farm

Photographers do love that here at Furtho Manor Farm we have loads of choice of where they had take couples to get those lovely pictures of just them.

THE CHURCH - just across the field from our wedding barn sits a medieval Church great for photos inside or out



Church outside Couple photo
1st Class Weddings Anna and Marc 1002_HR (17).jpg_1590135725



Lings Photography Kathryn &Johnny 29 02 2019 -0781 (15) 4mb.jpg_1590136208
KhandiePhotography Alex &Beckie 30 11 19(1330) 4mb.JPG_1590136084


LauraRachelPhotography Sallie &Jared 13 04 19 -533 (10) 4mb.jpg_1590136159


The Dovecote - the brickwork on this building is great as a backdrop



Amy&Tom Dovecote

Inside the barn - Traditional guests are seating at the table for the wedding reception and then the bridal couple are announced.


The Smiths Kelsey &Oli 07 09 19 1 (50).jpg_1589554249
Jonny Barratt Photography



Often after decorating the barn amazingly it is forgotten about for photos, but it is lovely to have some pictures of it all.


Claire &Robin in the barn

Outside the barn




Cake Cutting



Kimberley Martin? at, Abi &Spencer 17 09 19 1-KCM_0005 (1134) 4mb.jpg_1590090295
KhandiePhotography Alex &Beckie 30 11 19(1651) 4mb.JPG_1590090280
LauraRachelPhotography Sallie &Jared 13 04 19 -533 (34) 4mb.jpg_1590090310


Bib &Tucker 25 08 18 EmmaRussel-319 (278) 4mb.jpg_1590090251
Emma Brooks Maria &Daniel 2019 07 06 _055 (13) 4mb.JPG_1590090263


On the dancefloor


Stacey&Nick dancing
Amy&Tom Dancefloor




In the Fields - being a farm our venue is surrounded by fields


BeckyDan Field
BeckyDan Field 2